About BCC

Bluestone Courts Coalition

Program Summary

Our goal is to implement a youth mentoring and violence prevention program at the public basketball courts outside of Bluestone Elementary School.

This program involves training residents to be visible as youth mentors. The youth mentoring will align with community-building events that engage the broader neighborhood and build cohesion with the youth.

Purpose of basketball court mentoring program

  • Engage and support youth through a steady mentor presence at the courts, listen to youth

  • Increase civic participation among youth - mentor youth for leadership opportunities in the city and general career opportunities

  • Foster a safe and welcoming environment, model leadership behavior and healthy relationships

  • Prevent gun violence through relationship building, youth mentoring, leadership development and active listening

Youth mentor expectations

  • Build relationships and trust with youth. Mentors may provide light coaching and or referee duties to keep the games flowing in a fair and fun manner.

  • Listen to youth, learn their names and understand the stressors that youth may have before they come to the court.

  • Engage youth through the development of additional programming, community-building events, and potential design improvements at the basketball courts.

  • Perform community outreach to build participation in events at the park.